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    With stress, anxiety & health concerns on the rise, it's critical to provide our children tools that can help them build resilience & confidence in themselves. Providing kids mindful tools can help support their social-emotional learning. The benefits of mindfulness have been studied and include:
  1. Improved Concentration
  2. Clearer Thinking
  3. Improved Sleep
  4. Increased feeling of happiness
  5. Better Self-Awareness & Self-Control
  6. Lowers Stress & Anxiety 
  7. Better Decision Making
  8. Increased Empathy toward others. 
  9. Improves Emotional Regulation skills. 
  10. Develops Compassion, Love & Kindness

Mindful BuddieZ introduces kids to mindful concepts using interactive stuffed animals that guide them through short kid-friendly mediations and breathing exercises. By using a tangible stuffed animal, kids are quick to love and welcome a Mindful Buddy into their home.  With this, we begin to plant the "mindful seed" and help provide the foundation needed for children to have social-emotional growth. 


"Let's Breathe Together"

-Gia Saggar

Co-Founder, Mindful BuddieZ

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