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Common facts and questions about Mindful Buddiez:

Q - What is Mindfulness? 

A -Simply put mindfulness means paying full attention to something.

It involves stopping for a moment and slowing down your thoughts so you notice what it is you are feeling or doing.

Being mindful is the OPPOSITE or rushing or multitasking.

Being mindful allows an opportunity to become relaxed, focused and set intentions. 

Q - How can mindfulness can improve the behavior and emotional well-being of all kids.

A - Although the practice of mindfulness is very simple, the effects can be profound.  Its for this reason we feel it’s essential to expose our children to this very SIMPLE scientifically proven concept.

Awareness of the breath  is the FIRST and most BASIC mindfulness technique.  It is so SIMPLE, it can be introduced to children at a young age.  

In the same way we teach our children their ABCs and 123s, we should be teaching them the concept of mindful breathing.

Kids are sponges and exposures to positive practices can help cultivate them into well rounded young adults

Q - Whats the solution?

AThe modern world is NOT going to change and in fact daily life will likely only become MORE BUSY!

It’s time for future generations to acquire the skills needed to live within this modern lifestyle.

It begins with a SIMPLE mindful introduction:

The Breath

Q-What is recommended age for Mindful Buddiez Products?

Our toys are labeled for 3+ years. Ideal age is preschool and early elementary but it depends on each individual child. We have seen kids ages 3-11 years all enjoying our stuffed toys. 

Q- Are your toys safety tested?

Our products meet or exceed safety standards and have been ASTM and CPSIA certified. Please always read attached toy labeling for details. 

Q- Does your products have a stuffed toy registration certificate?

Yes, we are registered under the Pennsylvania stuffed toy law ACT NO 372.   Our Registration NO. PA-100157 

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