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Teaching kids to be aware of their emotions can help them establish the confidence needed to make more conscious choices as they grow up.  The ability to recognize an emotion in oneself and others is called Emotional Awareness.

The concept may seem simplistic or intuitive but many of us struggle to manage our feelings and find ourselves at times reacting to situations in ways that we wish we did not.  This reactive nature can become habitual and can begin to impact our relationships, health and wellbeing.  

Offering kids emotional awareness opportunities in their daily life can help create the foundation needed to deal with difficult thoughts or feelings.  Mindfulness teaches kids to label their emotions by saying for example “ I am worried” or expressing happy emotions such as “ I am excited”.  Learning to express these feelings, both positive or negative, help kids gain stability within.  

At Mindful Buddiez, we have developed a STOP, BREATHE & RESET method to help children cultivate emotional regulation skills. 

STOP: Allow a moment to simply pause to check-in with how you are feeling.

BREATHE: Take a few conscious deep breaths to process your thoughts and find a sense of calm and clarity. 

RESET: Now with clarity and awareness, you can now shift to a more controlled response vs an uncontrolled reaction.  You can ask yourself “How do I want to feel?” or “How do I want to move on with my day?”

The goal at Mindful Buddiez is to introduce children to our STOP, BREATHE & RESET method in a fun and relatable way.  Our collection of interactive stuffed toys empowers children to practice simple mindfulness techniques in a way that is enjoyable.  We go back to the basics and require no teachers, no adult telling kids to “calm down” or dependency on an electronic device.  The simplicity of a guided stuffed toy is all your child will need to feel good. 

Join us on our mission to bring mindfulness and emotional awareness to all children.

Gia Saggar

-Co-Founder , Mindful BuddieZ

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